OwnerEuropean Space Agency
Description The invention relates to an orthomode transducer (OMT), which is an antenna - feed waveguide component able to discri minate the Horizontal from the Vertical polarization and, in reverse direction, capable of combining them . The design is characterized by an inner septum , which allows avoiding resonant structures such as irises or metallic slots and therefore reducing the mass and costs while increasing the power handling. Applications: The main applications for OMT include : General telecoms : such as television and radio broadcast, telephony, radio frequency links or satellite based communications. Positioning : Similar to GNSS but at a smaller scale, such as temporary deployed services (SAR). Radar applications : such as Earth observation (such as meteorology or SAR imaging), vehicle control applications (ship or aircraft traffic control and navigation), and radio astronomy. Military : applications such as telemetry, targeting or tracking. Added - value and benefits: Extremely compact design and low mass . High radiofrequency power handling . Easy to manufacture and integrate to the rest of the system ( time and cost savings ). easier to design the rest of the circuit. Technology readiness: Two software packages using different models have tested and validated in a simulated operational environment .
Applicants:European Space Agency
Access to additional documentation:No
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Case Ref:PAT_558
Contact person:Mercedes Sanchez Alvarez
Application number: US, EP and JP patent applications have been filed ; US 2013120086 A
Support from inventors:No
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Publication date:2016-11-28
Priority number:
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