Dynamic Grip for Virtual or Augmented Reality Controllers

TitleDynamic Grip for Virtual or Augmented Reality Controllers
OwnerCornell University


Our design provides an enhanced user experience by enabling adjustments to the shape and stiffness of the controllers grip. This dynamic grip incorporates an array of adjustable chambers that can be selectively actuated, pneumatically or electro-mechanically. When all the chambers are activated, the controller has a rigid uncompressible shape; deactivating individual chambers allows replication of gripping a softer more flexible object. Not only does this device provide force feedback to the user, but it can act as an input device through inclusion of sensors or buttons within the body of the controller.



Potential Applications

  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Soft robotics or biomedical robots



  • Low material costs
  • Compatible with scalable manufacturing techniques including 3D printing or cast molding
  • Adjustable stiffness, flexibility, and shape



Keywords: 3D printing, actuator, actuators, applied physics, augmented reality, Compliant Robotics, composites, computer engineering, computer hardware, computer science, electrical engineering, engineering, haptic, hardware, Input Devices, materials, Materials Fabrication, materials science, Output Devices, physics, polymer, polymers, robotics, sensors, Soft robotics, virtual reality, physical sciences

Applicants:Cornell University
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Publication date:2018-04-30
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