Efficient Transaction Processing System for Online Applications

TitleEfficient Transaction Processing System for Online Applications
OwnerCornell University


Cornell inventors have created a new Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) architecture which intelligently moves game logic to clients, and uses the server side to focus purely on event ordering and multicasting. This architecture results in performance and scalability improvements not seen in pure peer-to-peer regimes, or architectures which rely mostly on server-side management of both application and database logic. Although this architecture was developed for gaming applications, other online collaborative systems such as data-driven business applications could realize the same performance and scalability improvements.


Potential Applications
  • Online collaborative game and business applications


  • Enhanced performance and scalability of online applications
    • More simultaneous users without affecting system efficiency
  • Strategic and efficient use of computer hardware and software
Applicants:Cornell University
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Inventors:betaAbout WellspringAbout Flintbox Innovation Sphere͐
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Publication date:2012-07-24
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