OwnerEuropean Space Agency
Description The offer proposed relates to an innovative exoskeleton that includes a kinematic chain placed in parallel to the human arm joints . It comprises a shoulder, elbow, and wrist exoskeleton with a total of 16 joints providing 16 degrees of freedom to the operator . The support is worn on the torso of the operator by means of rigid front and rear plates . The shoulder exoskeleton is fixed to the front plate and the hand exoskeleton is fixed to a rigid glove on the hand . The active joints are controlled by flexible cable tendons which are actuated by control units located on the rear body plate . The system is capable of sensing the posture of the human arm unambiguously and of providing force feedback. Applications: The invention is applicable in particular to remotely controlling a physical or virtual robot and may be interesting for the following applications : Hazardous or other dangerous materials handling. Remote medical surgery. Military tactics (de - mining operations). Diving robotics at oil platforms. Prosthetics. Agriculture Construction and worksites Added - value and benefits: The complete range of movements of shoulder, elbow and wrist is possible . The system is portable and lightweight by placing the controlling components on the back of the operator . Fits a broad range of user statures . It is not necessary to align the axes of the human articulations with those of the exoskeleton : No complex adjustment procedure is needed before the exoskeleton is operational . The arm provides force feedback to the user for environmental force awareness. Technology readiness: A prototype has been tested under controlled conditions.
Applicants:European Space Agency
Access to additional documentation:No
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Case Ref:PAT_474
Contact person:Mercedes Sanchez Alvarez
Application number: Th
Support from inventors:No
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Publication date:2016-11-28
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