TitleA New and Improved Method and Apparatus for LDPC Decoding
OwnerTEC Edmonton

Low-density parity-check codes (LDPCs) are a class of error-correcting codes that are capable of offering performance that is very close to the theoretical maximum information transfer rate for reliable communications over noisy channels. Although LDPC codes were known to perform better than other error-correcting codes, they were widely overlooked in the beginning due to the complexity of decoding implementations. However, new design techniques that improve the feasibility of LDPC decoder implementations have been recently developed. Conventional iterative LDPC decoder implementations are constructed using either hardware-sharing or parallel architectures. While the hardware-sharing architecture minimizes the area of the decoder, higher throughput designs are difficult to achieve due to limitations on memory bandwidth. Conversely, parallel decoder architectures are capable of high-throughput but require a larger device footprint to implement.


To facilitate a design that is both hardware efficient and capable of high-throughput decoding, a new method and apparatus for LDPC decoding has been developed by the University of Alberta s iCORE High Capacity Digital Communications (HCDC) Laboratory. The new method reduces the number of wires between nodes and enables wires to be made smaller, thus resulting in smaller chip designs that are both cost effective and power efficient.


For additional information see the Patent Application WO05112272A1.



  • Small design footprint
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost


Potential Markets

LDPC codes have been proposed for the IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi) and IEEE 802.16 (WiMax) wireless communication standards as well as the IEEE 802.3 (10GBASE-T Ethernet) standard. LDPC codes have been included in the Digital Video Broadcast (DVB-S2) standard. Other possible applications include proprietary communications systems that employ LDPC codes such as data storage and RFID.

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