TitleA Novel and Improved OFDM System
OwnerTEC Edmonton

The growing demand for high-speed wireless communications has prompted the development of higher performance technologies. A key technology that promises to deliver higher data capacity and greater spectral efficiency required by these communication systems is Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM). OFDM is an enhanced technique that transmits information using multiple carriers that are compressed together in an optimal manner.

To improve on the performance of conventional designs, a new Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) system has been developed by the University of Alberta s iCORE Wireless Communications Laboratory. The new system has a better Bit Error Rate (BER) performance and achieves higher transmission efficiencies than existing designs. An RF implementation of the new OFDM system architecture has also been developed.



  • Improved BER performance and higher transmission efficiency.
  • Requires fewer computational steps.
  • Less susceptible to frequency offset.
  • Simplified RF structure for OFDM systems that use one-dimensional modulation.


Potential Markets

Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is currently used in IEEE802.11a (WiFi), IEEE802.16a (WiMax), and HYPERLAN/2 wireless LAN communication standards and has been proposed for fourth generation (4G) networks. The new OFDM system is applicable to wireless chipsets.

Protection Status

Issued Patent # 8,422,750


Applicants:University of Alberta
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Case Ref: 2004-003
Contact person:Jayant Kumar- Jayant.kumar@tecedmonton.com
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Inventors:Dr. Norm Beaulieu
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Publication number:US-2008-0095267-A1
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