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About Licentix

About Licentix

The Mission of Licentix is Simple!

Licentix is a marketplace for out-licensing and sales of quality patent rights. We make it easy for owners of quality patent rights to profit from out-licensing or sales of their patent rights. Free for universities and non-profit research organizations and with an annual fee for private companies, patent owners list their patent buying/licensing opportunities in the marketplace to reach a global audience of professional buyers. 

Making the match

We know it is difficult to find good licensing partners. The Licentix platform is built to help you find and get to know technology and potential partners. Licentix begins by providing the patent holder with a free report which gives an overview of the most dominant companies working in the areas of the patent scope. Further Licentix offers a powerful search interface to prospective buyers and allows them to set up search agents for monitoring opportunities within their specific fields of interest. This provides automated match-making for every new case that is uploaded to Licentix. Patent owners can customize their own page of licensing opportunities, and add additional information including video to help the technology come alive. Licentix will be in continual development to best support relationship building between the buyers and sellers.  

Unique insights

Using webanalytics, Licentix provides our clients with unique insights in the value of their portfolios of licensing opportunities. Which patent families generate the most interest? And where in the world is the interest generated? We note that the identity of prospective buyers looking at Licentix cases is not revealed but their country may be recorded. Registered buyers can further customize which information is shared with the IP owner. 

Easy handling

Licentix provides proprietary tools for easily qualifying and managing large portfolios of licensing opportunities. Licentix is designed for organisations with large patent portfolios, such as patent attorney firms, universities and corporate IP departments. The Licentix platform is built to allow multiple users to work on the same portfolio of cases. Get started by registering for free and loading your first Licensing Opportunities!

Licentix is a privately owned company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is independent from patent brokers, patent law firms, and industrial interests.