Publication of patent rights for sale or out-licensing

Licentix is a global IP marketplace for promoting patent rights to professional buyers or license takers. The core Licentix product is a marketplace platform for patent licensing or sales opportunities. For each licensing opportunity, the license owner creates a detailed description so that potential buyers or license takers can find and evaluate their interest before contacting you. The functionality of the platform generates unique insights using web-analytics to gauge the interest generated by your listings.

Example: You (or your client) have a patent family that is unused but incurs costs. You (or your client) want to out-license or sell the patent family and you therefore make a publication describing the opportunity in detail. Companies with interest in the technological field of your patent family are notified automatically and may decide to contact you to negotiate a license or even to buy the patent family.

 Pricing of publications

The price for a publication is USD 499 per year and includes three DirectInvite credits. Discounts are available to customers with multiple publications (please contact us to discuss your options). Publications are free of charge for universities and non-profit organizations.

An auto-renew option is available at your convenience. This will automatically generate a new invoice available on the 'My invoices'-page. No charge will be made, so be sure to pay your invoice within 30 days using a payment method of your choice.


The Licentix platform offers a proprietary service called DirectInvite that helps patent owners connect with potential buyers that would not otherwise see your technology offering. Read more about DirectInvite here.


 Licentix messaging platform with customized notifications

The Licentix platform includes an internal messaging platform which can be customized to issue notifications to your email. In this way, you do not have the publish your email openly for public contact and can further decide which communication you would like to continue outside the Licentix platform. 

 Search or monitor licensing or purchasing opportunities

If you want to search for or monitor the availability of opportunities within your industry or field of technology you can use Licentix’ search engine to make specific searches. It is also possible to set up search agents that continuously scan for opportunities which are of interest to you or your organization. The search agent will notify you as soon as a new opportunity appears. Using the search engine and search agents requires free registration.

 Free licensee report

We have designed a tool that automatically generates a report of potential license takers/buyers who are interested in the same field of technology as your patent. Use this information to get to know the big players in your industry. The report is free of charge. The full report requires your free registration to the Licentix platform.