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IP Services

Businesses and innovators needs an easy and cost-effective way to get in contact with buyers of IP.
Licentix offer a range of services to help sell, license and buy quality patents.


There are no hidden fees, and no huge commissions if your patent is sold. The only cost is based on results if you decide to get help from us, in the process of getting even closer to a negotiation with a buyer. 





 Free listing  
Listing your quality IP and using the statistics and reporting tools are free.


Get your patent in front of the right buyers. 
With DirectInvite, we can reduce the time it takes for you to get in front of more buyers.
After the contact has been established, you will gain full control of the process.

Read more about  DirectInvite here 

Messaging platform

Our platform includes an internal messaging platform that can be customized to deliver notifications to your email. In this way, you do not have to publish your email openly for public contact and can further decide which communications you would like to continue outside the Licentix platform. 

Search or monitor opportunities

If you want to search for or monitor the availability of opportunities within your industry or field of technology, you can use Licentix’ search engine to make specific searches. It is also possible to set up search agents that continuously scan for opportunities that are of interest to you or your organization. The search agent will notify you as soon as a new opportunity appears. Using the search engine and search agents is available with free registration.

Free licensee report

We have designed a tool that automatically generates a report of potential license takers/buyers who are interested in the same field of technology as your patent. Use this information to get to know the big players in your industry. The full report is free of charge and is available with your free registration to the Licentix platform.


The functionality of the platform generates unique insights using web-analytics to gauge the interest generated by your listings.

For buyers - Custom Opportunity Reports 

Receive a report as a pdf-file each month with the newest IP related to a specific industry or based on your keywords. The report is USD $99 per month or USD $999 for a full year subscription. Sign up here to receive a  free report sample  or contact us to get more information about our reporting solutions.