Cooperative Agreements

Cooperative Agreements

Licentix is an independent marketplace without a stake in either the buyers or sellers’ side, as our primary goal is to bridge the gap between the two in order to bring good ideas to the market. Licentix has entered into many different types of cooperative agreements, both formal and informal, that all have one thing in common: none will ever impede our independence.

Listed below are some of the current cooperations we have agreed to:



IP Marketplace is a website where buyers and sellers of IP rights can contact each other. It facilitates the initial contact between buyers and sellers of IP rights.

At IP Marketplace you can put your patents, patent applications, utility models, design and trademarks up for sale or out-licensing. You can also use IP Marketplace to search for IP rights to buy or license in. It aims to increase the possibility for trading partners to meet each other, thereby increasing the transparency for trading with knowledge/IP rights.

The website is managed by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. It’s free of charge for both buyers and sellers.
Get to IP Marketplace here.