DirectInvite - A smarter way of selling your patent


DirectInvite – a smarter way of selling your patent


Licentix has launched a new proprietary service called DirectInvite that helps patent owners connect with potential buyers that would not otherwise see your technology offering.

  Watch the video below to learn more about how Direct Invite works.

Have you ever wondered: how many international buyers could be interested in purchasing your product across the globe, and how many of them are actively looking for new technologies? There is huge potential among the group of medium-to-large companies that are either not using technology scouts or engaging in technology scouting only sporadically, or more locally than globally. There is a small chance that a company with similar technologies will come across your invention through patent novelty searches, but in that case, they might consider your product more of a threat than an opportunity. Since nothing alerts them that your invention could be a licensing opportunity, it is fair to assume that a competitor will file a patent independently.

On the other hand, your chance of finding a buyer amongst this group of companies may be up to ten or twenty times higher than with companies that are actively scouting, simply because your technology represents an unexpected opportunity. So why not contact these companies directly and invite them to have a look at your technology?
At Licentix, we can help you sell or outlicense your patent by connecting you with these companies directly.
You decide who can see your patented technology, and Licentix will send your technology information directly to the IP-responsible representative at the selected companies. Your patent and licensing information is then printed and sent with a professional cover letter by physical mail.

Why physical mail? Market surveys have proven that physical mail is superior to email marketing due to inbox overload (spam), and it brings a personal touch, increased trust and an enhanced delivery success rate (differentiation by physical appearance). With the right format, you will have a high likelihood of being read by the IP manager or CTO.

You may find potential buyers using the reporting tool available from the Licentix platform or by doing your own investigations on the internet. Hereafter, simply write the identified buyers name on the DirectInvite page, check the content of the offered technology, and accept the terms to complete your part of the arrangement – Licentix will take care of the rest. This is how the DirectInvite method works.

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