Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below on each question to find out more about how to use the Licentix platform. If you have a question which is not listed here, please email us at and we will return to you within three business days. Thank you for your interest and inquiry.

DirectInvite button will be visible on the dashboard and when viewing listings when

- A subscription has been made for a listing, or

- When DirectInvite credits has been purchased and you have at least one active listing.


DirectInvite step by step

- Before selecting DirectInvite for a listing, make sure that you know what companies you wish to contact. You can use the 'who might by my patent' functionality on the frontpage to identify potential buyers.

- After selecting DirectInvite you will be able to enter the companies to be contacted. Remember that each contact uses one DirectInvite credit.

- Continue with reviewing the information you are about to send and accept the terms.


It is possible to bulk import case data from e.g. excel-sheets and comma-separated files

This feature is, however, currently only available from the backend due to data integrity safety issues. Hence, in order to get your data uploaded, you should contact to get the information of data layout and usage. Once your data-file is ready, send it to with your account information and the data will be available from your ‘Manage Cases’-page within 2-3 work days.

One of the main uses of the ‘Manage Cases’ page is to overview the status of your license portfolio with respect to subscription and visibility.

After selecting which cases you’d like to view, a list of cases is shown. A status indicator is visible right after the Case Name with the following modes:

  • Green: The case is active
  • Red:The case is inactive
  • Pause (double bars):The case is suspended

Your case will be always become active right after establishment. Hereafter you have 30 days to complete the payment for a one-year subscription. If no payment has been made, the case becomes suspended and is no longer visible for other users. In order to re-activate a suspended Case, you’ll need to pay for a one-year subscription. The 30 days credit will be subtracted from the full year subscription period.

Once a case has been activated you may deactivate and re-activate the case as you find fit. When a case is deactivated it’s no longer visible for other users, but the subscription is still running. This feature is particularly useful when negotiations with a serious buyer is taking place, which sometimes require that all advancements towards other buyers are paused.

Another important indicator of the case status is the days remaining consisting of a number and color code in combination. The indicator turns green once a subscription has been payed and the number starts counting down from 356 days. When the counter hits 0, the number turns red. The countdown continues down to -30, where after the case is automatically suspended.

As the administrator of the Company profile, you can edit the customized company page

When you have entered and saved your own Company data, you can view the customized company page by selecting the "Customized Company Profile" button.

Here you will see the current page layout and a list of all your active IP-cases.

To link directly to this page from other sites, copy the URL in your browsers page and insert as link on your other website.

In order to edit the customized page select the "Edit" button on the logo.

Now you can:

- Upload your company logo

- Provide a link to your company homepage (will be activated when users click on the logo)

- Provide your contact information

- Provide a description of your company



Prices below are standard prices excl. VAT - discounts or special offers may occur.

- Registration, use of the advanced search tools, and subscription to newsletters are free.

- Publishing a sales/licensing opportunity on the Licentix marketplace is free.

- If you wish to utilize the DirectInvite contact to managers in selected companies, the fee is 89 USD per contact.

Follow this procedure in order to become an affiliated member of your company:

1. Go to 'My Account' in the Dashboard and select 'Start a company profile'.
2. Type in the name of the company you wish to be affiliated with (you only have to partially type the name, a list with suggestions will appear).
3. If the company name is not shown, it is possible that your company is not yet registered. Follow the prompts to register your company data.
4. When you have selected your company, press 'Apply'.
5. Input your data and the purpose of the affiliation in the message box, so that the administrator can validate the request.
6. Fill out the CAPTCHA box and press ‘Submit’.
7. When the administrator approves your affiliation you will be able to see the company data under 'Company profile', and affiliated users under 'Affiliated users'.

To create a case you must be logged in to your account. Registration is free.

Add a new sales/licensing case to Licentix by selecting ’Add New Case’ in ’My Dashboard’ and enter the information for the fields. A few guidelines are provided below.
Group (optional): Select an existing group or make a new group to organize your licensing cases.
Case Data: This is bibliographic data describing your IPR. Be sure to fill out all mandatory fields marked with (*).
Case Region (optional): Use this field to indicate the countries where this license is available.
Case Status: By ranking the technical feasibility, patentability and commercial value of your sales/licensing opportunity, you give the potential buyers or license takers a better chance of evaluating their interest before contacting you. Be sure to make realistic rankings and have documentation ready to support your claims.