Licentix | How do I ensure my License Opportunity is searchable?

How do I ensure my License Opportunity is searchable?

One of the main uses of the ‘Manage Cases’ page is to overview the status of your license portfolio with respect to subscription and visibility.

After selecting which cases you’d like to view, a list of cases is shown. A status indicator is visible right after the Case Name with the following modes:

  • Green: The case is active
  • Red:The case is inactive
  • Pause (double bars):The case is suspended

Your case will be always become active right after establishment. Hereafter you have 30 days to complete the payment for a one-year subscription. If no payment has been made, the case becomes suspended and is no longer visible for other users. In order to re-activate a suspended Case, you’ll need to pay for a one-year subscription. The 30 days credit will be subtracted from the full year subscription period.

Once a case has been activated you may deactivate and re-activate the case as you find fit. When a case is deactivated it’s no longer visible for other users, but the subscription is still running. This feature is particularly useful when negotiations with a serious buyer is taking place, which sometimes require that all advancements towards other buyers are paused.

Another important indicator of the case status is the days remaining consisting of a number and color code in combination. The indicator turns green once a subscription has been payed and the number starts counting down from 356 days. When the counter hits 0, the number turns red. The countdown continues down to -30, where after the case is automatically suspended.