The Licentix Team

The Licentix Team

Management Team

Ulrik Darling Larsen

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder of Licentix


Mr. Larsen has been with Licentix since 2015. He is in charge of managing the development- and design teams as well as coordinating content, user experience and functionalities of the platform with the sales and marketing department.

Mr. Larsen has a PhD in nanotechnology and has worked as a CTO, project manager, entrepreneur and inventor for two decades. In 2005 Ulrik was granted the Product Award from the Danish Society of Engineers for the invention of a Point of Care blood analyzer.

Henrik Sidenius

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


Mr. Sidenius is the Chief Sales & Marketing officer for Licentix. He has served in this role with Licentix since September 2017. He is in charge of the day-to-day sales and marketing aspects of the company, and handles customer acquisition as well as customer service.

Henrik has a long record of project and sales work, and also previously owned a telemarketing company. Managing and sales represents a significant portion of his career, and he has a Diploma in Specialized Business Studies and marketing.



Steen Østergaard

Chairman - Board of Directors, Co-Founder of Licentix


Mr. Østergaard is a European patent attorney and co-founder of the patent law firm Guardian IP Consulting and assists technology savvy companies in building and commercializing valuable intellectual property assets.