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Buy Patents from Peer Universities

Buy Patents from Peer Universities
Reduce risk and get ahead of the competition by licensing patented technologies from universities.


Buying or licensing new technology may prove to be a shortcut to product innovations at a low risk. Patents are often based on (many) years of research where the outcome and success is not a given at the beginning. The price may be a higher cost based on royalties payable to the licensor, but this could probably be acceptable, when the product is generating a fair provenue. Many universities are offering licensing of their patented inventions, where the profit is not targeted at covering the full cost of research, but rather considered a contribution to further research in the area. Hence, licensing deals may often include partnerships and first-choice-of-refusal to future inventions, from which the companies may gain a potentially high advantage over the competition.

However, buying patents are not completely risk-free and often the level of product developement and challenges in manufacturing is poorly understood, as these are often established from laboratory demonstrators or prototypes based on customized components. Moving into manifacturing and utilization by end-users is often serving it's own set of challenges and risks. To overcome these obstacles, the knowledge and collaboration between the researchers and the production engineers is key. The researcher and the production engineers view on development may be very different and the challenges at the others party is not always well understood: Researchers may think that production issues are trivial and may underestimate the time spend on solving issues related to manufacturability and price, where the production engineer often lack the understanding of the delicate details that are invovled in new technologies. Each team must acknowledge the know-how and experience of the other team to complete the techtransfer successfully. License agreements and payable milestones should be based on the successful completion of stages in techtransfer, in order to motivate the teams to collaborate.

At Licentix we offer more than 8000 technologies for licensing based on universities that are based on granted or pending patents. Please take your time to search through the technologies e.g. by using our advanced search tool or make a search profile to setup an agent, that will post you the new licencing opportunities within a certain field. If you wish to buy a patent or technology, simply use the contact form. You may enter an email or phonenumber of your own choice, so that you may continue to be anonymous.

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