List your IP for free on Licentix

List your IP for free on Licentix
Now listing your IP on Licentix is free of charge. Read more here...


At Licentix, we acknowledge that licensing or selling patented technologies may be a complicated and slow process, and in many cases, the attempts are not fruitful. An open marketplace will provide you with a display to the world, but is not an active sales process, as you are relying on the random chance of having buyers find you. Over the last years, we have seen and heard from many patent owners, how they struggle to find the right partner and hold back on listing their patent when no guarantees can be given and the probability of success is minimal.

The primary goal of Licentix is to help IP owners to make deals come true, hence, we have decided to open our platform and only charge for additional services. You can use the Licentix marketplace, reporting and search tools for free. You can use the Licentix platform to present your idea by linking to your custom page and for managing your IP portfolio. Should you wish to actively market your IP, we offer our unique DirectInvite® service that will present your patented technology to IP-managers or business developers from designated companies. 

Our services are provided at a fixed cost with no hidden fees or huge commissions if your patent is sold. If you decide to utilize DirectInvite® for establishing contact with potential buyers, the only cost will be based on actual results. You are guaranteed to receive feedback from the buyers or otherwise you’ll get your money back. From the negotiation point and beyond, we advise you to seek legal assistance. 

If you want to market your patent in front of specific companies that might be interested, we can help. Or if you do not have information about specific companies, we can help finding the right companies that fit your patent.