How to find buyers for your IP

How to find buyers for your IP

How to identify potential buyers:


Getting to know who could potentially be interested in your technology is probably the most important information you could require. It is far more efficient to identify and contact the buyers directly, than waiting for the buyers to conatact you. But where to look?

Search engines:

Search engines is the obvious choice - but the results are not always what you would expect. Since search engines are focussed on content, many companies are actively competing for being shown on the top pages by producing a lot of contant. This means that a lot of companies that are not focussed on getting the best position in searches can be hard to find.

Fairs and conferences:

There are many different types of fairs and conferences that you could attent. There are specific invention congresses for all kinds of technologies. Larger companies will have scouts go to these conferences, but with the scouts limited time you will need to make sure that you have booked a timeslot in his calendar. A better alternative is to find dedicated technology conferences, where you could have your own booth. These conferences are often attended by more people from the same company and they will stay for several days and visit the fair. A booth can be expensive though, and your setup must be professional to gain the right attention.

Search in patent databases: 

You can look for companies that have filed patents within the same technical area as your invention. Applicants are shown with the most recently published patents. To make this much easier, Licentix has made a licensee report generator available to you. The report generator collects data from a specific field and lists the result ranked by the applicant with most patents. The report is free, butsee if you need more companies listed or a more refined search, this can be ordered from Licentix and will be send to your email.

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