List IP for Sale

List IP for Sale

If you have a patent for sale, this is what you can achieve using Licentix:

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  • Your licensing opportunity listed in a professional marketplace that contains only the best patented technologies. A professional marketplace is key to getting potential buyers to use their time looking for new technologies, since the information they can obtain is much more relevant and separated from the less serious inventions.
  • Your can follow the interest generated by following the views statistics day by day. You can even tell from which country the views are made, thus making your effort in approaching buyers more focused.
  • Search for potential buyers using our free keyword search. By accessing public patent databases, we collect information about the most patent-active companies. Simply identify the keywords that describe your technology, and you will be able to get a list of the top 30 companies that used the same keywords in their patents. This way you may identify companies that could be interested in your technology.
  • Contact companies. Along with your listing, you will get 3 DirectInvite(R) credits. You can use these credits to send your case directly to a business manager of the companies of your choice. See more about this under DirectInvite.

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 Get in contact with potential buyers now!


When you upload your patented technology and subscribe, you immediately receive 3 Invite credits. Select DirectInvite and provide the name of the companies that you would like us to contact. Watch the video below to learn more about how DirectInvite works.



3 easy steps and your listing is published:


  1. Register your personal account (this is free)
  2. Add a new case and fill in the relevant details (go to My Dashboard and press "Add new case")
  3. Complete your subscription by following the payment instructions. The price per listing is USD $499 for one year.


A few hints:

  • You can use the 'bulk upload' option to upload one or more cases without having to enter the information manually. You can upload pdf, xlsx or csv files.
  • The description may contain pictures and embedded videos. Pictures and videos help you sell your technology and the ideas for the business case.
  • A single technology may be divided into several cases so that different areas of use can be outlicensed independently.
  • Once your listing is live, you can use DirectInvite by selecting the 'DirectInvite' tag beside the listing. You can buy more credits from the 'My Account' menu.
  • Check the statistics to see where your IP attracts the most attention.


If you wish to use our services without registering online we will send you an off-line template. Simply fill out the fields as indicated and return it to our email with the technology description attached. Use the contact form here or 

Contact us by phone: +45 70 50 00 60 or by email: licentix email