Surveillance Reports

Surveillance Reports

In-Licensing IP

In-licensing can be a short-cut to reaching an earlier return of investment or to achieve a highly increased valuation at the first public offering. This is not a situation that is as uncommon as one might think. Actually, Novartis has out-licensed IP to over a dozen biotech start-ups, for example. Furthermore, Pfizer's acquisition of Agouron, which owes its success to in-licensing of IP for the drug, Viracept, is still one of the largest transactions in the history of biotech.  Hence, all biotech start-ups should at least include a strategy for investigating the potential of i1n-licensing IP, not only from larger companies, but also patented reasearch from universities, hospitals and other research organizations.

If you wish to know more about what technologies are available, you can search the Licentix database using the advanced search funtionality. Licentix has more than 12,000 listings in the database that are based on granted or pending patents.

Monitor the market for IP

One of the methods to get better insight into what potentially important IP is available for your company, is to monitor the market for IP on a continuous basis. This can be done online by setting up search agents, searching on Google, or by having contact with different platforms containing knowledge categorized by industry. It's time consuming but very important work if you don’t want to miss out on any important IP you might be able to license or even buy.

Licentix also offers reports to survey the market for available IP related to Life-Science patents. Try out a sample of selected Life-Science opportunities or enter your own keywords to see a free sample report.

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