General terms

General terms


Registration of User information

Registration as a User at is free of cost and requires registration of the User’s name, address and email.


Questions regarding support, sales and accounting will be answered between 9am and 5pm CET via the contact form or email and wherever possible resolved within 24 hours. You can also contact telephonically during these hours.

User information

Users are required to keep information of their current place of residence and email address updated. This is to be provided in the ‘Personal information’ section of ‘My Account’.


In order to avoid addition of Danish VAT, it is neccesary to inform us of your company’s address and VAT number in the ‘Billing address’ section of ‘My Account’. In case no information is available 25% Danish VAT will apply.

Fees for Case Publications

Fees are charged based on IP case publication and are payable upfront for a one year listing period. The fees for a single case publication is 499 USD (VAT excluded) for a one year listing. An invoice will be sent to your 'My invoices'-page once generated. If you have selected the auto-renew option an invoice will automatically be generated at the end of the one year period and a notification will be sent. No charge will be made, so be sure to pay your invoice within 30 days using a payment method of your choice.

Terms of payment

Terms of payment are 30 days from the establishment of a new publication. In case the amount due has not been paid within 30 days, reserves the right to suspend publications eight days after the customer has been notified of such a delay. Payment for the renewal of publications must be made before the current publication period ends. In cases where the renewal fee has not been paid within eight days of the publication period ending, the publication will be automatically suspended without prior notice.

Methods of payment

Payment can be made by wire transfer or online by the customer using MasterCard, Maestro or VISA Credit Cards. Online payments are free of any charges incurred by third party providers. When paying by wire transfer, the customer shall be responsible for any transfer charges incurred by his or her own bank.


You have the legal right to withdraw your publication within 14 days from order confirmation also if a payment was already made. To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform us directly by email or telephonically. The publication cannot be terminated after the withdrawal period has expired, but you can always invoke the visibility of your publication by deactivating it from the 'manage cases' page.


In connection with the sale or other transfer of all or significant portions of's activities or assets, reserves the right to transfer the customer’s publication(s) (wholly or in part), as well as's rights and obligations to a third party without the customer's consent, in accordance with the Terms of Service.

Third party malfunctions and force majeure

Apart from the above, cannot be held liable where interruptions, malfunctions, damages etc. are beyond's control. This includes lightning, floods, fire, war, acts of terror, industrial action and lockouts (including's own staff), overloading of the Internet, malfunctions in other networks, third party malfunctions, system breakdowns, or any other form of force majeure.

Changes in conditions reserves the right to change their sales and delivery conditions with 45 days notice.


At we wil do our best to keep customers satisfied. If you are not satisfied with our service, please sent your complaint to info(a) or use the contact form here. If an agreement can not be reached, you may seek a resolution through an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body e.g. using the European Commisions online ODR-platform.


Read also our TERMS OF SERVICE


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