Searching for licensing opportunities and using the Free licensee Report tool is free for all.

IP surveillance reports can be customized to your needs and will be send as pdf-files. The report is USD $99 per month or USD $999 for a full year subscription. Sign up here to recieve a free sample or contact us to get more information about our reporting solutions.

Registering your user on Licentix is also free and gives you access to saving your searches, setting up customized search agents, receiving full length licensee reports, and receiving Licentix’ newsletter.
Free registration is also required to publish you sales/licensing opportunities on Licentix.
Publishing a sales/licensing opportunity on Licentix costs USD $499 per year. Discounts are available to companies that expect to publish multiple sales/licensing opportunities per year.
Universities and non-profit organizations can publish their sales/licensing opportunities on Licentix for free.

Please contact us here if you need help setting up your account.



Unregistered users

Registered user
(registration is free)


Corporate users

Simple searching for licensing opportunities

Advanced searching for licensing opportunities

Setting up automated search agents


Free licensee report – basic version

Free licensee report – extended version


Adding sales/licensing opportunities to Licentix (cost per year per published sales/licensing opportunity)



USD $499*

DirectInvite**) credits


USD $89

USD $89

Management of multiple, affiliated users


Advanced case management


Statistics on the interest generated by own sales/licensing opportunities


*)  Volume discounts are available – please contact us to learn more about your options

**) DirectInvite is a service for sending your licensing opportunity directly to the IP-managers/potential buyers.